"Pure voice with a natural flair on stage" (Fan after a performance)

"A very dynamic Birthe De Zutter sings her way through a bold program with excellence." (Knesselaars Nieuws)

"BIRTHE takes you on a musical trip and makes an indescribable connection with her audience and live band"


From a young age, BIRTHE has been obsessed with music. She would listen to her CD player for hours. As soon as she could speak, she started singing along, and not much later her moves came with it.
At the age of 14, BIRTHE got multiple chances to perform as a guest with the cover band Plareen Men. As a result, she gained a lot of stage experience at a young age. After winning the jury prize of Banddate 2018, a local music competition, it quickly became clear that BIRTHE would continue to find her way in music.

Last year this Belgian, independent, artist was seen at the Ghent Festivities and Rijvers Festival, among others. Then, accompanied by her own musicians, she performed original arrangements of timeless classics, from rock to soul, for both young and old.

Today, at only 21 years old, she is ready for bringing out her own work. In September 2024 BIRTHE released her very first single ‘Memories’. This song was well received on local radio stations and JOE fm.

In the coming year she plans to release even more of her own music in the run-up to her debut album in early 2025. Within her own music, she tries to combine strings and wind instruments in a surprising way within the Pop genre. This with influences of Soul, Funk and Jazz.


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